About The Venue

How many people can the venue hold?

165 sitting.

How much is the rental price?

Renting lasts from 8 am on Thursday-Saturday at 12 am. We understand you need time for rehearsals and plenty of time to decorate.

Sunday only weddings are half price.

Do we have to be gone by a certain time?

Music must end at 11 pm. You may come back and clean up the next morning as long as you are gone by 9 am that day.

What is included in the price?

Four barrels 

Bar with fridge

Fire pit and wood

Bridal Room

25 tables and chairs for 165 people

Benches for the ceremony 

What is not included in the price?

Cake table $25

Miscellaneous Decorations: $250

Do you have preferred catering?

No, all caterers are welcome. Self catering is also welcome. No kitchen available for use.

Do you have a holding room for the wedding party?


Do you allow alcohol?

Alcohol is allowed, but you must obtain a liquor liability insurance.

What is not allowed?

No nails or staples are to be used for decorating.

No confetti for a sendoff. Sparklers, lanters, rice, seed, and glow sticks ARE allowed. If you have anything else in mind, please just ask. 

No open flame candles. All candles must have a cover.